If managed poorly, mining can lead to environmental degradation, displaced populations and increased conflict

Reinstatement of pit and dump slopes



Following 25 years of servicing the open-pit mining industry and observations made at 40 multi-commodity open-pit mines across Africa, it can be noted that there has been little development in regards to the methodology applied during the reinstatement of pit slopes on open-pit mines. Aforesaid which in many instances emanates from non-conformance which could be the result from a lack of appropriate monitoring systems and slope management procedures.

Progress and conformance tracking of mine plans, production and designs have and continue to form part of Tacmin assignments carried out at numerous open-pit mines and the extent of risks and remedial action required which result from non-conformance to mine designs are fully realized during these assignments.

It has further been observed that remedial work and safe making of unstable slopes is often not being given the required attention due to the:

costs associated with available remedial methods;

emphasis on ore and waste production;

lack of SOP’s and slope management procedures;

lack of pit slope reinstatement specialists.

Taking cognizance of the aforesaid as well as the risks resulting from non-conformance to prescribed batter, berm and slope configurations, the effects as outlined in exhaustive literature publicly available and legislative compliance requirements leaves no room for negligence and good mining practices are therefore not negotiable.

Consequently and arising from the aforesaid, Tacmin continues to be committed to working together with all open-pit mining customers, raising awareness, encouraging action, and to design, develop and maintain safe, optimized, productive and profitable open-pit mines, and customized a long overdue service to assist customers with reinstatement of pit and dump slopes according to the prescribed designs


Tacmin experts have been designing open-pit mines in a wide variety of commodities since 1996. Our pit, dump, ramp, haul route and rehabilitation designs are practical and with the exception of some greenfield projects, have in most cases been implemented by our customers. Given the turnkey nature, Tacmin contracts offer rapid turn-around since engineering design and implementation go hand-in-hand.

As such and due to our multiple years of open-pit mine design experience, our expertise are capable, subject to as-built conditions, of re-designing open-pits to reduce the remedial work to the minimum and or else as a second phase determine the extent, resources and estimated costs associated with remedial work.

Given the little development in the reinstatement of pit and dump slopes Tacmin expertise, following years of research and methodology development, has now enhanced the aforesaid technical service to offer our customers a turnkey reinstatement of pit and dump slope solution.


Preceded by the work outlined under the aforesaid section and upon finalization of a contract agreement, Tacmin commences with the implementation and rolling out with predetermined slope design reinstatement and remedial work, which is meticulously and continuously coordinated with technical and production personnel in anticipation to prioritize safe ongoing waste and ore production operations.

Turnkey slope reinstatement work as offered by Tacmin, is carried out independently from existing mining operations and comprise of designs, planning, scheduling, drill and blast, load and haul, scaling of slopes and cleaning of berms to reinstate the slopes back to the prescribed mine designs and geotechnical recommendations.

Further to our civil engineering and open-pit mine design and construction experience, Tacmin has enhanced their turnkey slope reinstatement capability through the support and knowledge of our explosives partner Titanobel​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, offering 140 years of experience in explosives and blasting, including but not limited to over 60 hydraulic drilling rigs which are frequently replaced with the latest models, and 200 experienced drilling staff. 

(Titanobel​​​​​​​ and its subsidiaries offer commercial and industrial solutions in over 30 countries on 5 continents through regional depots, on-site facilities and by offering products and technologies available under license.)

For more information required on Tacmin’s turnkey reinstatement of pit and dump slopes contact Sarel Blaauw at​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ or phone +27 11 465 4464 or visit our website at​​​​​​​