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If managed poorly, mining can lead to environmental degradation, displaced populations and increased conflict

Prof. Robinson’s areas of expertise

Prof. Robinson - is a passionate academic and research fellow, mental health specialist, an advocate for children’s rights, a philanthropist and ambassador, award-winning researcher and well-known international author and keynote speaker.

Tanya’s passion for serving the community started as a young child visiting her late grandmother, a remedial teacher in Zimbabwe, where she helped teaching children in a rural school environment. She further mirrored her passionate mother, herself a lecturer in sociology and nursing and empowered many within the medical field.

Prof. Robinson obtained her first degree, cum laude, in social work, psychology and sociology in 2001 at the University of Stellenbosch.  She completed her master’s program, cum laude at the University of Pretoria and focussed her research on the victimisation of young women and the socio-emotional impact such victimisation may have on them. Prof. Robinson obtained a postgraduate certificate in teaching at the University of South Africa in 2003.

In 2005, Prof. Robinson obtained her Philosophiae doctor at the University of Stellenbosch and facilitated research on a clinical subject matter.  She commenced with research at the University of the North-West in 2009 and focussed her research on amendments made to the Children’s Act in 2008. She obtained her Philosophiae doctor in May 2011 from the University of the North West.

Prof. Robinson sought further research opportunities at the University of Cape Town and delivered a ground breaking study on a newly found psycho-pathology, false child sexual abuse allegations in custody battles and divorce matters. Prof. Robinson obtained a doctor in Philosophy, in 2015 from the University of Cape Town.

For the last twenty years, Prof. Robinson has served the community and worked with vulnerable communities, uplifting their rights and giving them the power to be empowered. 

Prof. Robinson stands as an advocate in communities to give voice to the voiceless as her book “The Silenced Child” reveals.  She was appointed as an ambassador for the Teddy Bear Clinic, a Non-profit organisation, to stand as the voice for the child, which may not be able to speak for themselves.

Prof. Robinson stands in private practice, consults with individuals, groups, communities, organisations and the Court; is a guest lecturer at the University of Cape Town and has a special interest in mental health, psycho-social-pathology and forensic investigation.

Prof. Robinson works in Court and stands as expert witness and advisor in cases within the High Court and the Constitutional Court.  During 2015, Prof. Robinson facilitated a research study on religion in the South African school system that is currently debated upon within the Constitutional Court.  More than ten thousand respondents partook within this study and the empirical results will have a direct impact on religion within school systems.

Within 2016, Vice-chancellor, Prof Dan Kgwadi and the President of the North West University of Convocation, Dr Sammy Thekiso  awarded Prof.Robinson with the 2016 Research Excellence Award for Tanya’s contribution to society and for her devotion to research. Prof.Robinson is appointed by Acting Chair, Dr Setlhomamaru Dintwe, as an academic associate and Fellow at the University of South Africa in the department of police practice and forensic investigation.

Tanya has authored seven books and a textbook and is currently busy with a new book “The War against our Children” telling the stories of the many children that are being used within countries as weapons for their own personal agenda.  Dr Robinson writes about the children in Africa, Afghanistan, Syria, Asia and Europe that are being victimised, exploited, trafficked and harboured because of power hungry adults.  Through this writing, Tanya gives voice to the voiceless child and empowers the reader through making them aware of the untold stories of our future generation.