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If managed poorly, mining can lead to environmental degradation, displaced populations and increased conflict



Tacmin Madini, an open-pit mining, construction, management & technical solutions company, was founded in 1996 by Sarel Blaauw, a former director of South African open-pit contract mining company, MCC Contracts. 

Since inception Tacmin expertise was sought after for their practical knowledge relating to mine engineering, designs and contract mining related challenges. During the mid-2000’s, Tacmin experts had already been assigned to assist with various challenges on several of the well-known open-pit mines across Africa. Although Tacmin’s services were initially aimed at operating mines, by the late 2000’s the company had already built a recordable track record of mining feasibility studies on greenfield projects.

Since inception, due to the nature of enquiries received from customers, Tacmin started putting the focus on operations improvement of open-pit mines using sound mining project management principles. Based upon the nature of assignments afforded, Tacmin Madini’s vision to grow into an operations improvement and mining project management company was fully realized in the early 2000’s. Following numerous 3-5 year EPCM and PMC assignments on more than 50 projects across Africa and further driven by our visions and values as well as the lack of contract mining alternatives, by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to engineering, management and construction of open-pit mines. During 2015, Tacmin formed a partnership with French explosive supplier Titanobel​, which presents Tacmin with the opportunity to bring more than 140 years of blasting experience to our customers.

Following numerous operations improvement assignments and given the repeated success achieved on a number of operating mines, during 2015 Tacmin’s core expertise embarked upon an analysis of the processes followed in anticipation to develop a business model that can be introduced and offered to mining executives. Consequently and founded upon a proven track record as the ideal catalyst to kick-start an organization's road to recovery, Tacmin during early 2016, launched a CEO and board support service for open-pit mines.

Given the absence of open-pit mining EPCM and EPC service providers, open-pit mines were historically constructed by process plant specialists and since Tacmin’s core expertise remains convinced that open-pit mines should be constructed by mining expertise, Tacmin joined hands with leading engineering and construction firm specializing in the full lifecycle from creating new assets to sustaining and enhancing operating assets, in the hydrocarbons, mineral, metals, chemicals and infrastructure sectors. Resulting from this, during 2016 Tacmin, in alliance with associated global engineering construction firm, started offering the full range of specialist engineering, construction and asset management expertise.